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SciFlow overview

Focus on your text

The SciFlow text editor has been developed with researchers in mind. Focus on your content - not formatting.

Simple is simply good

SciFlow allows all co-authors to collaborate within one platform - without the e-mail and version chaos.

Disseminating research

You can now create a university and publisher compliant research document with one click.

An easy to use text editor

SciFlow was made to meet the requirements of scholarly writing.

One place for all collaboration

All co-authors have a shared place for collaboration on the text.

Always up to date

Changes are visible immediately, so everyone has the latest version.

Import references

Add your references from Mendeley, Endnote or Citavi directly to SciFlow.

Add figures, tables and equations

Any figures, tables or equations can be added online.

Format with one click

The document is submission-ready with just one click.

More than 200 researchers and students are already active.

SciFlow at the OVGU

The existing campus agreement with the Otto-von-Guericke University allows all students and researchers to use SciFlow. Over 200 students and researchers have already created articles and thesis at the OVGU.

In short: What is SciFlow?

SciFlow is an online publishing platform that allows researchers to create scholarly articles, work in a team, publish and disseminate research. It can be used by researchers and their organizations as well as by researchers on their own.

SciFlow is for everyone who writes scholarly articles

Quick to learn, easy to use. Writing in SciFlow just works.

Anne Warsow


SciFlow allows researchers and students to focus on the content of their scholarly documents.

Prof. Dr. Brunner-Weinzierl

Faculty of Medicine

Just start writing - no installation necessary.

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