Submitted by Carsten on Tue, 02/28/2017 - 11:26
OVGU kooperiert mit SciFlow

OVGU Magdeburg: Start writing now

Researchers and Students at OVGU Magdeburg will now have access to our software - even before the go-live. In fact, they sign up right now! This has been made possible through a cooperation between the OVGU Magdeburg and SciFlow. 

In SciFlow we are developing a software that sees Science from a completely different point of view – user-oriented, with early feedback from our customers and a little bit of color thrown in the mix.  After investing a year into development we are happy to get started. Cooperating with OVGU is a great success in building a user base even before our go-live. 

Do you have an OVGU E-mail? You can Sign up now and start writing, quick and easy: 

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In case you don't have an OVGU-Email, sit tight for a few more weeks - SciFlow will become available for everyone. 

What can SciFlow do for me?

You can find more information on SciFlow here: